COMPLETE IDIOT: Biden Accidentally Calls South Korean President This

If Joe Biden leaves a legacy, its main focus will undoubtedly be a coin-toss between America’s record inflation levels under his presidency or his innumerable public gaffs.

Yesterday, gaff-machine Biden treated the world to another corker when during a trip to Asia, he met South Korea’s new president Yoon Seok-youl for the first time.

Biden and Seok-youl toured a Samsung micro-chip factory last night in a bid to strengthen trade and cooperation between the United States and South Korea.

“This is an auspicious start to my visit, because it’s emblematic of the future cooperation and innovation our nations can and must build together”, said Biden as he walked around the Pyeongtaek factory.

The president was given a brief explanation about how semiconductor wafers are producers and a representative from a Californian-based company, KLA was there to explain which parts of the technology were American-made components.

“Don’t forget to vote, Peter,” said Biden to KLA’s spokesman after the tour. “You may live here [South Korea], but don’t forget to vote”. Read more