Gay Men To Be Offered A “Special Vaccine”

As the monkeypox virus has spread across the UK, with nine Britons having been diagnosed with the virus so far, British health officials have suggested that a vaccine to the condition should be offered to gay men.

There are rising concerns across the Western world about the spread of Monkeypox as cases have also been recorded in eleven other nations, including the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Australia, and Portugal.

According to Mateo Prochazka, an infectious disease epidemiologist, it is likely that the virus is being “spread through sexual networks.” Six of the initial cases in the UK were gay men, and a further 11 new cases were confirmed in Britain yesterday, although further details about the recent cases have not yet been released.

The MailOnline reported that concerns the virus will continue to spread in specific sexual circles had spurred the UK government to consider offering a jab to gay men.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, the UKHSA’s top medical advisor, said:

“A notable proportion of recent cases in the UK and Europe have been found in gay and bisexual men, so we are particularly encouraging them to be alert to the symptoms and seek help if concerned. 

“We expect this increase to continue in the coming days and for more cases to be identified in the wider community.” Read more