Students Prove Who The Dumbest Segment of Society Is

Anyone alive in America in 2022 knows exactly what is going on around us. Racial tensions, generally driven by a mainstream media machine that thrives and profits on division, and a White House that is doing everything in its power to sow the seeds of racial discord, once again for political power, are daily problems in our country.

So why, with all of this in mind, would anyone do something racially charged, even if it is a joke. I’ll tell you why, because teenagers are incredibly stupid and short-sighted, and generally don’t think about the consequences of their actions!

Yes, I know we ALL did dumb, lame-brained things as teens. With that in mind, maybe it isn’t fair to just blame kids for doing dumb stuff that kids do, but for Pete’s sake, aren’t parents teaching kids to at least ATTEMPT to get out of their own way these days?

So what’s the story? According to NBC News:

Students at a Cincinnati high school who taped “Blacks only” and “whites only” signs over water fountains and posted pictures of the signs on social media will be disciplined, the district announced after the incident was broadcast by a local news station.

Northwest Local School District said officials were made aware of the racist incident at Colerain High School on May 5. Read more