New York is Poisoning Kids

Apparently, New York City has learned nothing and doesn’t seem like it will from the state of Florida and Governor Desantis.

The indoctrination of children by the far, far left is in full effect in the decaying Big Apple. Sadly there is no one to protect the children as there is in the Sunshine State.

So what’s up? According to the New York Post:

New York City school kids are learning their AOCs.

A book intended for 10- and 11-year-olds — which glorifies socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her far-left “Squad,” knocks religion, and mocks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – is being distributed to public school libraries, parents told The Post.

The book, “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood,” was written and illustrated by Brooklynite Anastasia Higginbotham and appears on a fifth-grade independent reading list labeled “Universal Mosaic.” The DOE’s new Mosaic curriculum is supposed to kick off next year.

The picture book centers on a black child who talks about fitting in at school and church and a friend “who’s queer like me.”

First of all, what’s a “liberated childhood”? Most 10-11-year-olds are still struggling with whether to eat boogers or not. They don’t need to be liberated. Quite the contrary, children that age need structure, discipline, and values instilled. They don’t need indoctrination. Unless of course, they live in a leftist “paradise” like New York City.

The boy, named Demetrius, is shown in a church where he says, “Churches can preach all they want about love — the only thing that I feel when I’m here is shame.”

The boy’s spirit meets Jesus – who is apparently a Democrat — and who tells him “everyone is invited to love and be loved.” The distressed looking boy points to an unnamed white man — a McConnell lookalike — and says, “Even — ?” Jesus replies “Yes.” Read more