These Memphis KFC Workers Deserve a Raise!

It’s been a huge bone of contention in the United States over the last couple of years that fast-food workers should all be making at least 15.00 an hour.

Regardless of where you fall on this argument, workers at a particular KFC in Memphis, Tennessee deserve a raise, or at very least a free “family bucket” each.

What happened? Per Outkick:

KFC workers at a Memphis store should be hailed as heroes after the service they performed Saturday when a woman passed workers a note “begging for help,” according to the Memphis Police Department.

Nice work! Considering the nonsense fast-food workers have to endure on a regular basis, either from unruly customers, teens trying to pull the next big viral prank, or crappy bosses, it’s refreshing to see these folks spring into action and potentially save a life!

Outkick continued:

The female that wrote the note was still on the business lot accompanied by a male. As officers approached the couple, the man ran on foot. After a brief foot chase, he was apprehended and identified as Diego Glay,” Memphis police said in a statement.

Still on the lot? I understand wanting to make sure you got napkins, and your chicken is Original Recipe, but if you are doing a kidnapping, probably best to worry about napkins and straws later. Read more