Black Conservative Blocked From Priesthood Because of This Unbelievable Reason

A conservative black man well-known in the UK for his opposition to the woke dogma that has infiltrated public and private life has allegedly been rejected from priesthood ordination within the Church of England over his political views.

Calvin Robinson, host of a show on GB News, a TV and radio news channel which also broadcasts shows hosted by Nigel Farage and Neil Oliver, rose to prominence in Britain for criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement and daring to claim that institutional racism does not exist as the UK provides an equal opportunity culture to all.

However, Robinson claims that these stances and other anti-woke opinions have cost him the opportunity to be admitted to the Church of England as a priest, and he has evidence to back his claim. For example, Robinson gained access to internal Church of England email messages via a subject access request (SAR), similar to the United States’ Freedom of Information Act, and read how senior church officials went back and forth on Robinson’s conservative views and whether he should be refused ordination as a result of them.

“Calvin’s comments concern me about denying institutional racism in this country,” read one email seemingly sent by a senior Bishop within the Church, while another alleges that there were complaints made to the Bishop of London saying that Robinson should be refused ordination.

A report by The Telegraph points out that Church of England officials don’t like Robinson’s view that women should not be ordained as priests as it conflicts with its practices. The Church of England ordained its first woman in 1994. The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches do not ordain women into their priesthoods.

Robinson called the Church’s opinion on his views very narrow-minded:

“To hear that people are campaigning behind your back after you have given them all that you have got, I don’t know how to put it into word,” The Times reports Robinson as saying in response to the emails. Read more