New Polling Shows Trump Trouncing Biden in 2024 In Crucial States

A recently completed survey of the political landscape portends worse outcomes for Democrats than has been seen yet. As could be expected during the current national crisis, known as the Biden presidency, respondents overwhelmingly rejected the incumbent in crucial swing states. This presents a roadblock not just for Biden in 2024 but any candidate running with a (D) behind their name in upcoming elections.

Perhaps the most telling results came from North Carolina, which Donald Trump carried by just 1.4% in 2020. Now, under the abysmal leadership of Joe Biden and Democrats, Trump shows a nine-point advantage. It’s also worth noting that this same poll had Biden ahead by three points before election day.

Breitbart notes that multiple factors undoubtedly led to these results:

“Biden’s declining figures come as American continues to face continually rising gas prices, rising 10 cents in the last week alone. All the while, rampant inflation looms as parents continue to struggle in the midst of a baby formula shortage in Biden’s America.” Read more