WATCH: Lion Bites Off Idiot’s Finger In Viral Video (Satisfying)

A video captured the moment a huge lion bit off a total fool’s finger at a Jamaica zoo.

You can watch the video below. It shows the the lion grabs the man’s finger and won’t let go.

The Jamaica Observer said, the incident occurred at Jamaica Zoo and involved a zoo attendant. The original story in Jamaica Observer, which broke the news of the incident, stated that it occurred on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Did the man get what he deserved?

The fact is the lion gave this man a few warnings before latching on and not letting go. Why didn’t the man stop upsetting the lion earlier? I hope the lion is not punished for what was not its fault.

The zookeeper really had it coming, not only was the animal probably unhappy with its new environment, and not in the wild, the man was TAUNTING the Lion. That’s just beyond cruel, the lion had every right. More stories