Breaking: Morbidly Obese Communist Michael Moore Calls for Something Other Than Pizza

Like a gaseous emission in a room with no windows or a rash that you keep scratching, ultra lefty nutcase Michael Moore will just not go away.

Given a choice, I’d rather have the gas, or the rash, than spend one nanosecond looking at, listening to, or caring about what this idiot spews from his chicken nugget-loving mouth. Still, sometimes it is so vile and incomprehensible that the sadist in me makes me pay attention.

Sometimes, we all need to feel better about ourselves and our lives, right? Listening to old Mike makes me feel like I AM a reasonable, sane person. Thanks!

I still don’t wanna “be like Mike.” I’d rather disappear in the woods and never come out. But I digress.

So what has old lard butt lefty Moore said now? Let’s check it out, per Fox News:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to urge the media to call for an end to the Second Amendment, after a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Moore began his argument claiming that America had a violence problem, from the beginning of the country’s founding, starting with guns.

Yep, pretty standard stuff from this fluffy lunatic. Of course, let’s overlook the fact that if we didn’t have guns at the nation’s founding, we’d all be speaking the King’s English and sipping tea. Don’t even get me started on crumpets. I’d rather starve.

Moore also offered up more nuggets (not chicken) of his specific type of crazy wisdom:

“We won’t acknowledge that we are a violent people to begin with. This country was birthed in violence with the genocide of the native people at the barrel of a gun. This country was built on the back of slaves with a gun to their back,” he told MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Sorry, Mike, I’m sure pretty much any sane person, meaning anyone that is not a lib, will admit what we have known for all our existence; humans are violent by nature. Read more