“I’m Your Commander-In-Chief”: Joe Biden Pulls Off Creepiest Whisper Yet (VIDEO)

I am paraphrasing here, but there is a line in Game of Thrones attributed to Tywin Lannister that any man who has to tell his subjects he is king is no true king at all.

If you have to tell someone in charge, you’re really not telling them so much as trying to convince yourself. We all know, and Joe Biden knows, that he isn’t in charge of this country – heck, he isn’t even in charge of his bowel movements – but Biden has to convince himself. He sold his soul for the last fifty years to reach this pinnacle and he can’t not believe he’s President.

That’s how you end up with moments like this.

“Remember, I’m your Commander-In-Chief!”

It’s the stuff of disgusting legend. Not only does Biden drop the lamest remark possible, he does so in his creepy pedophile whisper voice. We are left wondering if that’s his pillow talk with Jill, a mistress, or his kid in the shower. Gross, gross, and gross. Read more