(VIDEO) More gun laws won’t stop future atrocities, but armed teachers could

Many on the left are calling for increased gun control measures, after the unspeakably grievous mass murder at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, but without specifying exactly what legislation could have prevented the horrifying event. Ken Paxton, a General Attorney who joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail specific he believes could stop similar school atrocities in the future measures, says that gun laws are not the answer but that arming teachers could be one of them.


Texas has already put laws in place that allow schools to opt into training and arming teachers as either a marshal or under the guardian program, Paxton told Glenn.

“We passed laws when I was in the Texas Senate, I think it was 2013, that would have helped greatly. There’s no way that law enforcement can get to every location as fast as they would need to,” said Paxton. Read more