WATCH: CNN Caught Live On Air Using Green Screen To Fake White House Visit In The Studio, Slow Motion Reveals The Truth! (MUST SEE)

While CNN broadcasting ran their usual script of “Orange Man Bad” and “it’s all someone else’s fault” yet again their Fake News network was exposed to the world.

Jake Tapeworm of CNN noticed the “set” started to fall when you can see what few brain cells he has left scramble to think up an excuse for what he already knows is the set coming apart. At first the it looks as if the camera is indeed falling. But a closer look reveals it’s more likely that the reporter hit one of the standing legs of the green screen they were using to fake the visit to the White House. If the camera just fell the screen would not show a darkened out area beyond a screen, it would just show blades of grass or whatever happened to be on the ground at the time of shooting the clip. Drop your camera to see for yourself, a magic grey boarder doesn’t just appear when your camera changes elevation!  Instead of the camera being dropped, don’t you think it looks like the green screen behind the reporter fell instead?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments:

Well that sums up the whole Biden Administration in about 30 seconds! Read more stories here