Well, well, well, Footage Proves Kansas City Black Woman Shot by Police WAS Armed! (PHOTOS)

How many times have we seen this scenario? Person of color shot by police, social media does what it does and works the race baiters into a frenzy, and next thing you know the city is on fire.

Anyone remember 2020? How could we forget. Dating back as far as Ferguson, false narratives, dubious eyewitness accounts and misinformation (I hate that term) on social media have led to widespread destruction and sometime violence and death.

Hopefully, regarding a recent police shooting in Kansas City, the body cam footage made a difference and spared millions of dollars in damages.

Here’s the story via the New York Post:

Dramatic bodycam footage caught the moment a suspected armed carjacker — who was falsely believed to be pregnant and unarmed — wielded a handgun moments before she was shot by Missouri cops.

A screenshot released in arrest documents shows Leonna Hale, 26, pointing a handgun as she looks behind her while trying to flee arrest in Kansas City late last Friday, prosecutors said. 

That type of explosive scenario sound familiar? It should. Someone is  committing a crime, and the facts take a back seat to the drama.

Too often unreliable eyewitnesses, or people simply looking to stir up trouble because they hate the cops, say things or make claims that make situations like this way worse.

An eyewitness, who’d filmed Hale lying in a pool of blood as she was handcuffed, initially told the Kansas City Star that the alleged carjacker had put her hands up to prove she was unarmed at the time. The witness also claimed Hale yelled to cops that she was pregnant. Read more

Here are the photos: