WATCH: Teen Plows into Mom and Baby With Car, Gets Probation In This Liberal Hell Hole

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s pattern of leniency continued when he sentenced a 16-year-old to just five months at a juvenile probation camp after the teen drove into a young mother and her eight-month-old son in a Los Angeles neighborhood last August. The woman, known only as Rachel, released a statement decrying the sentencing and attacked the controversial Gascon for “prioritizing the livelihood of rotten monsters.”

Rachel was pushing her son Charlie in a stroller through a narrow alley in Venice on August 6 when a car, which had been stolen by the teen, careened towards her. She tried to get out of the car’s way and lifted the stroller over a fence to protect her son, but the car veered towards both Rachel and Charlie and smashed into them, throwing Rachel over the top of the car and crushing the stroller. Miraculously, neither was seriously injured.

The driver, known only by the initials KB, sped off, committing a hit and run, and was not caught until seven months later.  Onlookers helped Rachel and Charlie, while a pick-up truck was able to stop the car’s rampage by blocking it. KB was alleged to have had drugs in his system but no alcohol.

Gascon’s office stressed rehabilitation rather than punishment due to the offender’s young age and the fact that Charlie had virtually no injuries while Rachel had only a laceration to her elbow. KB admitted to and was charged with two felony counts of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury and one felony count of hit-and-run. Read more

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