Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Killed His Brother While Driving, Now Has DUI Charge Dropped

Did you know Nancy Pelosi’s husband killed his brother in an early morning car wreck 65 years before his latest arrest for drunk driving?

Paul Pelosi was 16 at the time, when his sports car flipped over on February 1957 in Northern California.

In the end there was no court case and he was exonerated by a coroner’s jury.

Last weekend, Paul Pelosi was arrested and booked for driving past the legal limit. Yesterday, those charges were not-so-mysteriously dropped.

The sordid, week-long saga of utter political corruption began last Memorial Day Weekend when Nancy’s millionaire husband was out on the town. Various stories looking at the police report suggest Paul left a Napa Valley winery and proceeded to pull into the path of a Jeep as he attempted to cross an intersection. He was turning into the southbound lane as the other car was traveling north.

Police allegedly tested his blood alcohol levels and found them to be over the legal limit of .08. He was then arrested and booked into the Napa County jail.

For the entire week, efforts were made to have the mugshot of Paul released. The drunk-driving husband of the House Speaker, and third in line to be president, is already a bad enough story (that has been conveniently ignored by the fascistic corporate press), but an actual image of his droopy, mean, bloodshot eyes would be an instant campaign meme for Republicans.

Fox News’s Jesse Watters shared his own battle trying to get the mugshot released: Read more