Breaking: New Hunter Biden Video

My goodness Hunter Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he? I mean, he probably gives daddy Joe migraines and nightmares, but people like me? Well, let’s just say sometimes these articles write themselves.

Hunter’s exploits, at least the ones we know about, are legendary! Sex, drugs, probably some rock and roll, dirty deals, art, books, the man is a fountain of entertainment value!

So what’s next for Hunter Biden? What exploits will be revealed? Let’s find out!

Via Outkick:

Noted crackhead…Hunter Biden is out in a new…video from his massive content catalog and the big news from the latest leak is that Hunter is pointing what is being called an “illegal” .38-caliber gun at the camera.

My goodness, say it ain’t so Joe! Hunter is playing with illegal guns? For God’s sake!

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is doing everything in its power to vilify legal, safe guns and their law-abiding owners. Feeling that migraine yet Joe?

I understand that Hunter is an “adult”, and as much as I hate to agree with Joe this time, some adults don’t need guns, like Hunter Biden. Read more