Cruz Drops a Truth Bomb about the First Amendment, Free Speech that Will Drive the Left Crazy [WATCH]

What is the point of the 1st Amendment and the oh-so-American idea of freedom of speech, the amazing idea protected by the Amendment?

Is it to protect pro-regime speech only, thus encouraging people to toe the line of whatever narrative is, at the time, most supported by the political powers that be and outrage mob? Or, rather, is it to protect unpopular speech and shield people when they say what they know, or at least believe, to be true, even when doing so is unpopular?

Obviously it is the latter: the 1st Amendment wouldn’t be needed if it were only meant to protect what speech is popular. Such was allowed even in Stalin’s Russia and is allowed now in North Korea; the regime loves pro-regime speech.

Instead of protecting that, the 1st Amendment is there to enshrine the right to say what is unpopular, particularly if it’s the sort of speech that the regime dislikes.

Senator Ted Cruz sounded off on that idea when speaking on the topic of freedom of speech recently, saying:

The First Amendment is an incredible blessing, which protects the rights of everyone to speak your mind. And the First Amendment isn’t just about popular speech. The First Amendment is about unpopular speech as well.

“That’s what it was created for. You don’t need the First Amendment if nobody is offended at what you’re saying, if nobody is unhappy with what you’re saying. The First Amendment protection doesn’t do anything then. It’s only when someone says, ‘I’m offended. I don’t like that, I want to silence you.‘” Read more