The Amount Of Taxpayer Money Man Who Threw Elderly Woman Down Stairs Gets Each Day He’s Not In Treatment Is Infuriating

A man who has been accused of throwing a 62-year old woman down a flight of stairs at a train station located in Seattle in March during a random attack is now going to receive $250 per day, provided by taxpayers, for each day that he is not in treatment.

This should be incredibly shocking, but given the utter insanity we’ve seen over the last several years, this doesn’t surprise me. Though it does make my blood boil and smoke roll out of my ears.

A piece published by TheBlaze has revealed that Alexander Jay was charged with second-degree assault for the attack, local news station KCPQ-TV stated, going on to add that Jay was also charged with first-degree assault for a stabbing that happened at a bus stop near the same train station on the same day as the other assault.

It seems to me this guy is a danger to society and as such, should be promptly locked up and the key flushed down the toilet.

” In April, Jay was ruled incompetent to stand trial and ordered to spend the next three months in an inpatient facility until he understands the charges made against him, the station said,” according to TheBlaze. But it’s been more than 100 days, and since the state still hasn’t placed Jay into an inpatient facility, his defense called for his release,” KING-TV reported

So the next logical question is why the man has yet to be placed inside a facility?

There are no available beds. Read more