WATCH: Biden’s Brain Melts Into Pile Of Goo, Confuses Asian Rights Activist With Atom-Bombed Japanese City In TRAINWRECK Conference

Following the presidential campaign of Joe Biden, in which he spent most of in his Deleware basement, the team of handlers assembled to serve President Biden, knew they would need to put systems in place to prevent Joe from making a fool of himself.

President Biden once again mispronounced the name of the main figure in a teleprompter-guided speech.

This time, Biden incorrectly addressed Asian civil rights activist Karen Narasaki as Karen Nagasaki. Yes, he replaced the activist’s last name for the Japanese city that was hit with a nuclear bomb in World War Two.

Biden was speaking at the White House, before signing HR 3525, which established a commission to look into the creation of a National Museum of Asian Pacific American History and Culture

Speaking to a room filled with primarily prominent Asian Americans, Biden said that many of them embodied their history.

They included the civil rights leaders Karen Korematsu, daughter of Fred Korematsu who resisted the U.S. internment camps for people of Japanese descent, and Karen Narasaki, who served on the United States Commission on Civil Rights after being appointed by Barack Obama.

However, Biden did not get Narasaki’s name exactly right, and instead ended up talking about “leaders in civil rights like Karen Nagasaki, and uh, Karen, uh Korematsu.”

Nagasaki was the second city in Japan to be bombed with an atomic bomb after the initial bombing of Hiroshima had it not resulted in an unconditional Japanese surrender in the Second World War. Read more