REPORT: Fox News Caught Red Handed Collaborating with Biden Administration, Intentionally Pushing Biden’s Narrative

Fox News might be doing well in the sphere of ratings and bringing eyeballs to its news site, but is it doing well in the realm of fighting the culture war and defending against the predations and missteps of the Biden regime?

Some of its personalities are: Tucker Carlson, for instance, is the staunchest MAGA conservative with Fox and his show has dominated the news cycle for months now, with patriotic Americans tuning in to it. Some other Fox News personalities and writers, such as Hannity and Gutfeld, are also conservative, though perhaps not as much so as Tucker.

But, in the realm of editorial content, apparently, others within Fox News have taken a Vichy France-like stance and have decided to start collaborating with the Biden regime, using Fox News’  reach and the trust it has built with its audience to push leftist talking points on them.

News on that comes from Politico, which reported on Fox News working with Team Biden in a shocking article, claiming that:

Any given day on, millions of readers see negative stories about the Biden administration’s handling of the economy, crime, immigration, and Covid-19, among many other topics. But over the past year, the White House has worked behind the scenes to get more of its perspective on Fox’s website.

Before she left the White House last month, former White House press secretary JEN PSAKI met privately with Fox News digital chief PORTER BERRY to discuss the website’s portrayal of the administration, two people with knowledge told POLITICO. When he was the chief spokesperson for the Pentagon, JOHN KIRBY also regularly corresponded with Fox News’ D.C. bureau chief over items on the site.

And Fox News, or at least some decidedly non-rock-ribbed conservatives within it, took Team Biden up on the access for pushing leftist propaganda trade, receiving a few scoops from within the administration and publishing articles showing its perspective. Read more