[WATCH] Dumber Than AOC: Kamala Makes a Fool Of Herself Trying to Talk about the Internet

If there’s anyone who can make slow Joe Biden look like only the second most brain-dead person in the White House and Democratic Party, then it’s the vapid veep, Vice President Kamala Harris. Known for giving “word salad” speeches in which she speaks much but says little, Kamala has a way of looking like a complete ignoramus.

Such was the case yet again when she attempted to speak about the internet during a speech about fighting online harassment, saying, in a much-derided part of her speech, that “Well, the internet is an essential part of life in the 21st century. Can’t get around it! Can’t get around without it!

Watch that here:

Thank you, Kamala, very cool!

While Kamala looked the fool in that part of her speech, the rest of it was even worse, not because she sounded as vapid but because her hand wringing and peal-clutching over people being mean on the internet is a clear attempt to give the government more power to regulate speech on the internet in the name of combatting “homophobia” or “stopping Asian hate” or whatever other “current thing” gives them the cover to censor. Read more