Democrat Senator Gets Caught Up In Alleged Ballot Scheme Fraud

The good book says whatever happens in darkness will eventually come to light and it looks like that’s the case in Minneapolis, Minnesota after the ethics committee of the Minnesota Senate has just unanimously agreed to open an inquiry against a state Democrat senator.

The vote came after an ethics hearing in which Sen. Omar Fatah Democrat who represents sections of south Minneapolis, and his attorney, Kristin Hendrick, rejected claims contained in a complaint that seven Republicans in the Senate filed against him.

Per the Sahan Journal Omar was accused of “failing to specifically acknowledge his involvement in the improper distribution of 2020 primary election absentee ballots and maintaining his Senate staffer who apparently oversaw the fraudulent election conduct” in the formal complaint that was filed against him.

This was Omar’s second time testifying in front of the subcommittee, which had questioned him the previous week. Hendrick stated many times on Wednesday that Omar is “shocked” to learn of the alleged improper behavior that occurred during the campaign. Read more