Woman Wakes to Odd Bruises After Being Abducted by Aliens

This strange story is all over the place. First up we’ve got aliens followed by abductions going on for apparently quite some time and waking up to strange bruises. So, brace yourselves, queue the Materia Primoris soundtrack, and enjoy – while also watching your surroundings!

Maria Leiva, 51, claims she’s been abducted by aliens – multiple times – throughout her life. She says that this has been going on for as long as she can remember, and she’s even come into contact with graceless extraterrestrials numerous times.

The mother, from Ramsgate, Kent, says that she frequently awakens far too often to find injuries or finger blemishes on her body which she’s sure is proof of an extra-earthbound visit.

She’s a part of an online alien-believing group where others share their experiences and believe one another. However, people outside the group are more cautious to believe the tales. Some make jokes such as “it’s not aliens, it’s the land lord” or “Okay…👍 Sure… 👀”. While others have more logical thoughts behind the mysterious bruising asking if she’s a sleepwalker, and asking if she’s checked in with a doctor on the matter.

Maria says that in some cases she’s even awakened in areas far away from her home with no idea as to how she arrived at the area. Sometimes, even being so far away, she’s needed to call a taxi for a ride home. She explained: “For as long as I can remember I have had these encounters, the earliest memories were from when I was around four-years-old and I knew it was happening. I remember being sad at night and going out onto the terrace at my family home in Columbia and crying out to the stars. I would ask them why they left me here and I would tell them I wanted to go back home.”

Yeah, I’m not very into the alien thing, they make good movies though – but perhaps she should seek a doctor’s help or at least get some professional advice. I do however believe in demonic activity, and no I’m not referring to simple spooky ghosts. I’m Christian, and in the Bible, we clearly see that one-third of all the angels were cast out of heaven and into the earth long ago. Things that are unexplained such as ghosts or aliens or spirits, I think might be connected to these fallen ones, but that’s a story for another day. Read more