Ridiculous: CNN Accuses Pro-Life People of Being Threatening for Doing This

Apparently, standing around and listening to what a media personality has to say when she’s being filmed live is “threatening” now.

At least, that’s what CNN reporter Nadia Romero said when filming in Jackson, Mississippi. During the filmed segment, pro-life protesters simply stood nearby with their posters, something she claimed was “threatening” and “confrontational”.

Ah, yes, because it’s the Christians that don’t want babies to be murdered are the threatening ones, not the people who tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh, protested outside of his house for weeks, had to be cleared with tear gas from outside the Arizona capital, or demanded a violence-filled night of rage following the Dobbs decision.

Police then came and got involved in dealing with the dispute between the pro-life protesters, who were simply standing around, and Romero. She, speaking on that while the cops dealt with the protesters, said:

We have asked them to back up and give us some space, but they have decided to stand and hover over us, and that’s why the police are out here. There’s another police incident that’s happening because one of the men backed up his truck, hitting one of the volunteers of the clinic here. Read more