Trump Warns WWIII Could Happen Soon

President Donald Trump has warned that the substantial military assistance that the United States is providing to [redacted] could result in the ongoing crisis in [redacted] developing into World War III.

Trump told the crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee, that the United States could be involved in a WWIII situation due to the Biden admin’s constant funding of the war in [redacted].


RT had these details to add:

“We just gave $40 billion on top of another $16 billion. So, we’re in for $56 billion,” he said regarding the aid packages the Biden administration has already approved for [redacted] amid the conflict with Russia.

“But when you look at Europe – and Germany, and France and all these other countries – they’ve given a tiny fraction, a tiny, tiny fraction of what we’re giving. We’re giving $56 billion and they’re giving a few billion dollars. And they’re the ones who are affected much more so,” he said.

Trump once again blamed the conflict on President Joe Biden, who replaced him in the White House, insisting that “if I were president that would never have happened.”

The 45th President would go on to say that the United States wouldn’t have had any difficulties with [redacted] being attacked so fiercely if the election hadn’t been “rigged and stolen”. He then lamented his and Putin’s diplomatic relationship and stated that Putin would have never made the move if he was in the oval office. Read more