Perverts Flash Children At Seattle Pride Parade – The Disturbed Look On This Little Girls Face Says It All (VIDEO)

Naked bicyclists with tiny penis’s flashed little boys and girls at a pride parade in Seattle, Washington. Luckily for me writing blogs all day have rendered my eyes unable to see the micro sized extremity without a microscope. The look on the little girl’s face witnessing the absurdity says it all. Is that the guy at Wal-Mart who went looking for the boys pants that were advertised as half off?

Although you will need  20/20 vision to see the obscenity we still have to post a content warning in case any of our subscribers have eyes better than an American Bald Eagle:

Perverts dressed in leather carrying whips marched down the street as well.


Naked idiots were also in really close to kids at the fountain in downtown Seattle.

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