Pushing Back! Defense Of Pelosi Shoving Little Girl In Photo Op Defies Belief [Video]

To say the current news cycle has been turbulent would be a massive understatement. Donald Trump got pissed off in a limousine 18 months ago, so that’s big news. A ski resort in Vermont is just the latest business venture to bow to the woke mob and is changing its name to something less “insensitive.” And major American newspapers are explaining that drag queens entertaining kids are no different than clowns or Teletubbies.

There’s too much important stuff to report on without focusing on trivialities such as NATO extending formal invitations to Finland and Sweden, which could change the course of world history. Or wasting ink on the primaries and special elections that were held in six different states yesterday, which could help shape the political landscape in America for the next several years. But the lack of attention being given to ‘Shove-Gate’ is inexplicable.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of the incident:

For clarification, that’s footage of a photo op with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and newly-elected Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), who recently won a special election in a Democrat-dominated district in South Texas. Flores’ election is largely viewed as a potential harbinger of a larger “Red Tsunami” forthcoming during the general elections in November. And that cute little girl Pelosi is shoving out of the way is Flores’ pre-teen daughter. Read more