WATCH: AOC Exposes Her Complete Lack of Understanding about Relationship between Congress, SCOTUS in Embarrassing Video

AOC once again proved herself to be a Congresswoman with a brain devoid of wrinkles in an embarrassing statement she gave about the legislature and executive needing to put the Supreme Court “in check”, a statement that shows her complete lack of understanding about how the US “checks and balances” system works. Watch that video here:


As you can hear, AOC, speaking on the relationship between the Supreme court and legislature during an appearance with Colbert, said:

It is the responsibility of the president and Congress to put the Supreme Court in check because they have delegitimized themselves.”

That’s completely wrong. The court’s role has long been, since Justice Marshall’s opinion in Marbury v. Madison, judicial review; it determines if something is Constitutional or not, not vice versa. Read more