Heartbreaking Video: Liberals Mock And Berate 100 Year-Old Decorated Veteran After Breaking Down Crying Describing The Current State of America “This Is Not What We Fought For”

Carl Spurlin Deke, a 100-year-old World War Two veteran broke down into tears describing the state of America on Fox News.

He said the United States is “is going to hell in a handbasket” and “just not the same”. After the video went viral the response from Liberals was sickening, heartbreaking, but also infuriating.

Deke explained how he acknowledges the newer generation is worse off that the older generation. This is no doubt because of evil that is in fact the Democratic Party.

“I’ve lived a good life. I’ve had a lot of love and happiness. Smiling, telling everybody that everything was beautiful every day. If I went into my church and didn’t think everything was beautiful they would think that I was sick. I’m not that way. I sincerely believe in this whole world that everything is beautiful. If I wake up in the morning and see these plants out here and all those flowers that are in there and green grass on the ground that’s beautiful. People don’t realize what they have. They bitch about it. Nowadays I am so upset that the things we did, the things we fought for, and the boys that died for it are all going down the drain. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all. Nobody will have the fun I had. Nobody will have the opportunity I had. It’s just not the same. That’s not what they died for. Just not it…It’s just not the same. This isn’t what we fought for.”

Liberals on Twitter responded with vile remarks that we couldn’t just let go without a comment back. These people are not just evil but utterly foolish and ungrateful.

“He would feel sorry for you had he been unfortunate enough to meet you.” One Twitter user replied to the above Tweet.  

Some however did get the message and responded with empathy:

For the few younger generation who happen to come along this article and don’t quite understand why this is such a big deal here is a refresher. Would you have mocked this man then? 

He asked me if I was American and I said yes. Oh God. He dropped to the floor and started praying.

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