WATCH: Biden Adviser Says American In Now Under A ‘Liberal World Order’

For several generations people around the world, especially in Westernized nations, have warned about the rising of what has been called, the New World Order.

For some of them, their concern stems from a prophesied final world government, mentioned in several books of the Bible. It says a final world government will require marks on global citizens’ hands or foreheads, which without receiving it, will prevent them from being able to buy or sell anything. The implantable chip being used in Sweden has only increased the chatter about this issue.

Others are concerned about groups like the Bilderburg group and the World Economic Forum, which both consist of only the wealthiest and most influential leaders in the world, and which are frequently mentioned in New World Order articles, chats, videos, and conferences.

In 1991 – Bush 41 Promoted His Support For New World Order Before Congress:

Following their secure meetings, the groups release some of the global concerns they addressed and solutions that collectively came up with. Typically their solutions involve them, working in public/private partnerships with governments, to fix all inequities, striving for an unattainable Utopia. Read more