Check Out Stupid Reason Why Transgender Activist Posted Call To Assassinate SCOTUS Justices

Not long after the Supreme Court announced the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a transgender activist made a post on Twitter that called for a “Supreme Court Assassination Challenge,” according to several screenshots of the now-deleted tweet.

This is a prime example of how idiotic emotionally driven folks, like the vast majority of liberals, tend to be. Why would you say something like this on a public forum? Do people really not realize there are consequences for their actions, even in the digital world?

According to TheBlaze, activist Eli Erlick, who is the founding member of Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) and the creator of a highly controversial “gender identity” teaching tool that’s known as the “Gender Unicorn,” which sounds creepy as all get out, tweeted and later deleted the comments on Friday, a report from the Washington Free Beacon revealed.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn was able to get a screenshot of the infamous tweet before it could be deleted. As the experts keep saying, once you put something out on the Internet, no matter what you do, it’s out there forever. Read more