“She’s a Moron”: AOC Gets Absolutely Wrecked after Making Looney SCOTUS Claims (VIDEO)

What one word best describes New York’s leftist Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? “Dumb” is probably the most frequently used descriptor when referring to her, though Megyn Kelly’s recent use of “moron” might be the most accurate, as that’s exactly what she is.


As you can hear in the video, Kelly, describing AOC and her idiocy and also talking about the difference between Liz “Pocahontas” Warren and AOC, said:

Well, I’ll distinguish between the two because I think AOC is a moron. I think Elizabeth Warren is smart — she’s ideological and not necessarily aligned with you or with myself — but I think AOC is not that smart, and she really just wants to be a star.”

Hilarious stuff, and probably accurate, though if Liz were really all that smart she wouldn’t have needed to pretend to be an Indian to get her teaching job. Read more