MIC DROP! Dave Chappelle Obliterates The Left With One Devastating Sentence!

Dave Chappelle is an unstoppable force of nature, isn’t he? You can’t cancel this dude, no matter how hard you try. And trust me, the woke mob has tried. Tried, and failed.

The problem the woke left has, is Dave tells the truth. The truth is something the left isn’t well acquainted with. Whether it be the narrative that men can be girls, cops are hunting black people, or Joe Biden is the best and most popular president in American history, the truth and liberals aren’t even on speaking terms.

Netflix, despite airing a bevy of far-left content, refuses to bow to the pressure and cancel Chappelle. And why would they? At the end of the day, it’s all about money and ratings, and Dave brings in both of those things in spades.

In fact, Netflix recently doubled down with the airing of the newest “offensive” Dave Chappelle special. Check out this from Indie Wire:

Netflix is doubling down on Dave Chappelle onqwce again.

The streamer released a 40-minute video, being deemed a stand-up special on the Netflix homepage, capturing Chappelle’s speech at his former high school for what should have been a theater renaming ceremony. In the video, titled “What’s in a Name?,” Chappelle lectures teenagers while defending his past transphobic jokes.

In “What’s in a Name?,” Chappelle calls his previous controversial Netflix stand-up special “The Closer” a misunderstood “masterpiece” and said he was “sincerely hurt” by the Duke Ellington School students after a tense Q&A held in November 2021 during which the adolescents voiced their concerns over his transphobic comments.