VIDEO: Did You Miss It? Old Joe’s Handler’s Laugh At Him During Worst Gaffe Yet On Live TV

We all love Anchorman, right? The first one, Anchorman 2 was meh. But the first one? Our introduction to Ron Burgundy? Gold, just absolute gold.

Burgundy is a stiff, clueless face just intended to smile, read, and be charming. That’s how tv anchormen were in the 70’s and 80’s. They weren’t the opinionated, serious “journos” that they pretend to be now. You know, the fake news.

As entertaining as Burgundy is, that type of cluelessness in real life is disconcerting at best. Would anyone feel truly confident in their boss or company, if the face of the company was simply a talking head, and not a good one?

Oh crap, don’t look now America, but our country is getting the full Anchorman treatment from the White House podium, and while it’s hilarious, it just SO isn’t funny. What am I talking about? Check this out from our friends at Outkick:

In the film Anchorman, there’s a scene in which Ron Burgundy introduces his name as if it’s a question after a producer mistakenly inserted a question mark in the teleprompter.

“Dammit, who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? How many times do I have to tell you? Anything you type, Burgundy will read,” the executive shouts.

While the Burgundy character is an exaggeration of stiff news anchors, it’s not of our sitting president. In fact, Burgundy is a more capable speaker than President Joe Biden.

On Friday, Biden accidentally read aloud the instructions from the teleprompter during a speech.

Oh no. No, Joe. Please say you didn’t say ‘Go “blank” yourself, San Diego’. No actually, it’s even worse. This man, the man that is running our country, is just straight reading from the prompter without any clue or awareness of what he is reading. This is bad. very bad.