Bad Boy Hunter Biden Had Rough Words for Step-Monster Jill

Who amongst us has had to raise or deal with stepchildren? Show of hands? Yep, more than a couple, right?

It can be hard! Even under optimal circumstances it is a challenge. Even if the baby daddy or momma is cooperative, there are still no guarantees. What is the right thing to do when the stepchild is acting up or being difficult? Tough call. I wouldn’t advise spanking a stepchild, that’s just going to breed resentment. Be their friend? How often does that work? You could push all the parenting onto the biological parent, but then it looks like you are checking out of the situation. It’s almost a no-win situation!

Now imagine the stepchild is a fifty something, entitled drug addict that has a hankering for meth and Russian hookers. Ok, don’t imagine that. That’s a nightmare. Jill Biden’s nightmare!

I know it’s hard to believe the greatest Dr. in Doctoring history, and lunch pail Joe had problems with little Hunty-poo but turns out they did. And not just when he was young. Turns out Jill and Hunter have been butting empty heads well into their later years. Let’s go to the New York Post and get the details: Read more