GROSS: Kasich the RINO Makes Absurd Point about Trump, January 6th

John Kasich has apparently taken a break from stuffing his mouth with spaghetti in a gross, desperate attempt to appeal to voters, now appearing on CNN to talk to Wolf Blitzer about how the January 6th Kangaroo court is supposedly weakening support for Trump.

Kasich the RINO made that point after Wolf Blitzer, obviously pressing him to attack Trump and make it seem like the January 6th Committee has been very effective in smearing Trump, saying:

“Today’s testimony was behind closed doors, but it was recorded on video. So presumably, major portions of it could be made public during upcoming hearings, including as early as next week. What kind of impact would that have?

Kasich obliged, pretending both that the committee is honestly examining evidence and acting based on it and that the hearings are weakening the GOP base’s support for Trump.

Kasich began by acting like the continual dredging up of various characters to insult or smear Trump in the hearings isn’t a political stunt but rather an honest proceeding meant to examine the evidence and follow whatever threads possible, not a predetermined, anti-Trump path, saying: Read more