Dem GA Senator Caught In Fraud As Nov. Elections Approach

The 2020 election cycle was fraught with allegations of fraud, especially in the swing states.

A handful of must-win states from Georgia north to Michigan and Wisconsin, which were expected to be competitive, all experienced the same election day irregularities and with the GOP candidates in the lead.

But, after stopping the ballot counting for a few hours, once restarted, the ballot results shifted from being with the margin of error to an unusually very high percentage of the remaining votes going to the democratic candidates.

The sudden shift in the ballot results led to countless lawsuits being filed, with the GOP candidates, especially former President Trump, looking for hand recounts and audits of all the electronic voting machines.

To the dismay of tens of millions of Republican voters and the campaigns, judges from local courts up to the Supreme Court treated the cases as hot potatoes, with none of them seriously giving credence to the arguments in their lawsuits.

One of the candidates who benefited from the extra drop boxes and universal mail-in balloting due to COVID, the ballot counting shutdowns, and the final count was Raphael Warnock. Read more