WATCH: Team Biden Official Gets HUMILIATED in Argument Over Biden Oil Policy

In a recent interview for Bloomberg TV, one of Biden’s top officials, Heather Boushey, a woman who sits on the Council of Economic Advisers, was humiliated by Jonathan Ferro, the host of the show.

He quizzed her about Brandon’s economically illiterate comments, an example being Biden’s recent claim about the price of gas being high because of greedy gas station owners, ignoring that those small business owners make almost no profit on a gallon of gas.

And so, blasting Heather and Biden on that gas station topic, Ferro said “Where’s that messaging coming from?

Heather, as could be expected from some leftist working for Team Biden, had no answer, much less a good one. Instead, she mumbled out a Kamala-tier word salad that added nothing of value to the conversation.

And so she was then even more humiliated by host Tom Keene, who skewered her, saying:

You didn’t answer his important question… Who is advising the president on shockingly naive price theory over a gallon of gas?”

Heather again didn’t respond to that and instead just started mumbling about the “global crisis”, a line to which Keene responded by blasting the implication of it and humiliating Heather, saying:

“Is this just central planning now? Where is this White House going?

Watch that here, but be ready for a significant amount of cringiness: