SHOCKING: Look Where Migrants Who Work For Super Rich Are Forced to Sleep In

While champagne socialists and woke liberals campaign for the freedom of movement for migrants who are swarming across the US-Mexico border in the thousands, they pay little attention to the dire conditions migrants who work for rich, American families are having to live in.

As 26,000 migrants were intercepted by border patrol over the course of the past week, the number of those entering the country both illegally and legally is only set to rise as the Biden administration continues to call for an open borders approach to immigration.

But what happens to the migrants once they reach the supposed promised land of the USA? The MailOnline has revealed that many of them are struggling to find work or are working as cheap labor for the ultra-rich – mowing lawns or cleaning houses – before sleeping rough in camps in the woods at night.

Squalid make-shift campsites have emerged around affluent areas including Long Island enclave, Southampton and Westhampton beach are living out of rotting tents and field shelters or on bare mattresses just a stone’s throw away from multimillion dollar mansions where many of them work. Read more