EMBARRASSING: Joe Biden Travels To Israel, Makes Horrendous ‘Holocaust’ Gaffe

President Joe Biden arrived in Israel on Wednesday as he kicks off a tour of the Middle East region. Biden started his jaunt around this part of the globe by asking for directions, because he’s lost — lost his marbles, that is — and then managed to correct himself, but not before making a rather unfortunate gaff while talking about the Holocaust.

The man is an embarrassment to the whole country. It’s sad that the Democratic Party does not feel any sort of remorse for using this old man, who has some sort of dementia going on, for their own political agenda.

The Daily Wire reported that “The president was greeted by Yair Lapid, Israel’s interim prime minister, at Ben Gurion Airport alongside a handful of other delegates.”

Biden actually had to ask for directions at one point, asking the group, “What am I doing now?”

Conservative pundit Benny Johnson posted a tweet about the video saying, “Biden is so lost,” referring to his confused demeanor.

The Daily Wire then said, “Biden’s request for guidance comes just weeks after he inadvertently showed the world that his staff provides him with directions for tasks such as walking into a room and sitting down at the table. In late June, Biden flashed a notecard during a meeting with union and private sector leaders that displayed the widely mocked cheat sheet: Read more