Mother of 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Claims ‘Everything is a Lie’ About Ohio Abortion Story

It was a news story that burst onto the national headlines shortly after the Supreme Court issued its decision that Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional and abortion is an issue to be handled by the states.

The details were disturbing: A 10-year-old girl in Indiana was allegedly raped and impregnated, and thus, was referred to Ohio for an abortion to terminate the pregnancy.

The mother now says that “everything is a lie” about the headline-grabbing story. She was interviewed behind a door by Telemundo following the father’s confession for the crime. MRC Latino shared the footage.

“Did the girl live here as well?” the mother was asked.

“Yes, but she’s fine,” the mother responded. “Everything they’re saying against him is a lie.”

The mother states that she has not filed charges against the lead suspect Gerson Fuentes, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant who has confessed to the crime.

Fuentes has been charged with rape, which is a first-degree felony in Ohio. The 10-year-old girl identified Fuentes as the one who impregnated her, according to a detective present at the arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court on Wednesday. Read more