Kellyanne Conway blasts Kamala Harris’ incompetence in wicked statement against struggling VP (video)

Kellyanne Conway shamed Kamala Harris for being incompetent while on Fox News with Sean Hannity. The former Trump senior counselor was talking to Hannity and Joe Concha while figuring out who could possibly run alongside Joe Biden since Kamala Harris has proven to be wildly incompetent, especially since she constantly comes out with ‘word salads’ that are no better than what Joe Biden is saying, or trying to say, since he too babbles.

WATCH Kellyanne torch Kamala on video:

Key moments in the discussion:

Hannity suggested that President Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be president, something many or most Americans can agree on. Hannity suggested that people around Joe Biden are trying to cover up his mental capacity issues and saying they are nothing but the ‘worst type of enablers.’ Read more