WATCH! This True American Put Some Criminals in Their Place As He Fights Back With His God-Given Rights

A story coming out of Florida sees a homeowner using a firearm to protect himself after three individuals broke into his house. A sheriff out of Florida says the owner will “absolutely not” be faced with charges, and rightfully so since he was not in the wrong.

The footage was released by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office from the homeowner’s Ring camera which shows that the home intruders barged their way into the Pensacola home on July 7, after the homeowner answered the door.

As two of the criminals pushed their way through the door after the homeowner opened it the third can be seen panicking getting a firearm ready. The owner of the house wasn’t on camera, and he also chose to remain anonymous.

The owner was equipped with a firearm when he opened the door. Once the two criminals inside noticed they ganged up on him wrestling the weapon away from the owner. That’s when the owner retreated to a room in the back and grabbed another firearm and began to open fire on the two criminals.

The Ring footage then shows the cowards all running for their lives and hopping in the vehicle they arrived in. A fourth criminal waiting inside the car drove them away immediately.

It’s always great when we get to see a good guy with a weapon exercising his God-given right to protect his or herself and their loved ones. Da’Torrance Hackworth, 20, and Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr., 18, were both captured and get to deal with home invasion and illegal gun charges.