Poll: Do You Believe Obama Was Born In Kenya?


Do You Believe Obama Was Born In Kenya? 

This is a simple matter of looking at the records that Barack Obama provided to his literary agent. It is true that Acton & Dystel did publish that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. However, this does not prove where he was born.

Acton & Dystel (now Dystel & Goderich) claimed Kenya was Obama’s birthplace from as early as June 27, 1998 up until between April 3, 2007 to April 21, 2007.

The record had been updated between these two time periods, but his birthplace was never changed to Hawaii until 2007. At that time someone probably realized that would cause problems with his run for President, so they changed it.

Why would he continue to hold on to a false place of birth for so long unless he had used Kenya as his birthplace in order to gain some benefits from it? Or was he indeed born in Kenya?

We can still see the evidence via the Wayback Machine Archive starting on June 27, 1998 on the page where the publisher’s website listed their clients. Obama’s bio read: Read more