BOOM: Trump Shreds Nancy Pelosi in Hilarious TPUSA Speech [WATCH]

Appearing at Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit” in Tampa, Florida, former President Donald Trump absolutely ripped into Pelosi and other far-left loons like Adam Schiff, hilariously describing Nasty Nancy as a nut job” and a “psycho”.

That came as part of a long riff on Schiff, Pelosi, and her husband, saying:

“We don’t talk about what we should be and you say, ‘Where does it stop? Where does it all end?’ It probably doesn’t stop because despite the great outside dangers. Our biggest threat remains the sick and sinister and very evil people from within our country.

Guys like [Rep. Adam] Schiff and people like crazy Nancy Pelosi — she’s nuts. I’m telling you, she’s a nut job. I mean you talk about people in politics. Look at her husband. Every time something happens, he goes out and he buys stuff. He’s made a lot of money, made $100 million. She started off with nothing.”

“And she does have a big wall around her house, by the way, even though she fought us like crazy on the wall. But she’s crazy. She’s nuts. I’m telling you, she’s a psycho.

Watch that here: