WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr’s Very Odd Abortion Comparison Has Gone Viral On Twitter

Comedian Bill Burr’s latest stand-up routine where he questions the morality of abortion, or as we like to say around these parts, the murder of pre-born children, had fans in the audience and around the world reacting in very, very different ways.

One of the things I found refreshing about the bit we’re about to discuss is the fact that Burr admits his position fully and states he’s just not 100 percent about where to stand on the issue, noting that both sides made points he agrees with. It’s okay to be torn about something and to continue seeking the truth.

Unfortunately, that’s not how most folks on the left approach this issue. It’s all about the baby murder without even a consideration about what that actually means and the far-reaching, negative impact it could have on our entire society.

It’s not just about what you do with your body. First off, the child might be in your body, but it is not your body. Secondly, this is also about how we value human life as a whole. Read more