WATCH: Brutal Video Reveals Joe Biden May Be On Methamphetamines

The internet erupted in speculation that Joe Biden may be on some sort of methamphetamines. During the 11 minute video China Joe was droopy eyed for most of the heavily spliced video that the White House released. At around the 8 minute mark Biden goes from being obviously fatigued to wide eyed as if he were just administered some sort of nervous system stimulate. Perhaps a line of cocaine or perhaps even methamphetamines? Check out the video below and you be the judge:

Republicans should all be standing up and shouting right now. Where are they? Brandon is making J6 sound worse than 9/11. Democrats are losing and they are desperate to do something, anything. They are creating a false crisis.

Remember when President Trump said Biden got a “big fat shot in the ass”? I’m am sure Trump was right about this all the way back in 2020. Watch the video below: