WATCH: Two Fat Women Engage In Massive Budget Airline Brawl

It used to be in America that flying was a big deal. If you see old pictures or video, you see men in suits, ladies in dresses, lots of hats and people ripping cigarettes. Hey, flying has ALWAYS had its drawbacks.

What you didn’t see was people bringing their own snacks, trimming their toenails, taking their shoes off, or dressed like they don’t own a mirror.

In short, it used to be considered classy to fly.

I guess those days are over. Been on a Spirit flight lately? Or as I like to call them, Break-Your-Spirit Airlines. It’s sketchy at best.

Recently a good, old-fashioned brouhaha erupted between a couple of “ladies” on a Spirit flight. Thank God for cell phone cameras. Let’s see what Outkick says:

And here we go with the latest Spirit Airlines budget airline brawl report where those $59 Greyhound of the Skies flights come back to haunt you when some loud-mouth greaseball climbs over you to fight in the aisle.

Where was this plane heading? I have no idea. It’s not even worth researching because it doesn’t matter. It could be going to Miami where the Spirit Airline brawlers like to do most of their work. It could be going to Vegas with a bunch of people looking to blow their credit card budget at the clubs. It could be going to Tampa. Fort Lauderdale. New York. Read more