WATCH: Viral VIDEO Shows Democrat Official SMASHING SUV Into Cyclist, Speeds Away Like Nothing Happened!

Imagine finding out that the hit-and-run motorist that injured you is your Democrat city council representative. Pretty classic “liberal” behavious if you ask me.

Amy DeGise the Jersey City Councilwoman smashed her SUV into someone that sent the cyclist flying earlier this month.

DeGise looked like they had right of way when she hit the a delivery cyclist Andrew Black on July 19, according to the New York Post.

Video footage of the crash shows a Nissan Rogue driving on after the collision, seemingly not stopping even after what could’ve been a deadly accident.

Street camera footage showed the violent collision between Black and the vehicle.

One Jersey City councilman has called for DeGise to resign from the Jersey City Council over her not bothering to stop after striking the cyclist. Denise has been charged with failure to report an accident and leaving the scene, according to New York WCBS. Do you think she will get a slap on the wrist? Read more