Chicago Mother Denies Her Child Is Transgender, Here’s What Tragically Happened Next

Jeannette Cooper has been denied visitation rights with her daughter for the last three years. The reason why? Because she denies that she is transgender, believing that children are too young to make that kind of decision on their own.

During the summer of 2019, Sophia, Jeannette’s daughter, arrived at her dad’s houses for a regular custody visit where she announced she was transgender. Apparently, according to TheBlaze, Sophia’s mom had no clue.

Sophia’s dad then made the claim in court that his daughter was “no longer mentally or emotionally safe” living with her mom. Before all of this, Jeannette had custody of the girl six days and seven nights a week.

“A comprehensive custody investigation was launched. Both of Sophia’s parents underwent psychological testing, home visits, and character evaluations. In addition, interviews were conducted with friends and family who had observed Sophia in the care of her mother,” the report continued.

“Usually, Child Protective Services has a definition of what it means to be ‘unsafe,’ to either be abused or neglected. There was no evidence that I had done anything like that,” Jeannette said in a statement to Independent Women’s Forum.

Though the report is technically confidential, filings in public court do not mention any sort of evidence of abuse. Rather, the report says that Jeannette needed to put in work to understand her daughter’s gender dysphoria.

The mother, grieving the inability to see her child, went on to explain, “The thing that I am clearly not complying with is this concept that good parenting means that you affirm a child’s idea that there is something wrong with them – I’m not willing to do that.” Read more